GTEK SmartWall

Traditionally when building a home, the internal brick walls are rendered with wet-set plastering. The quality of the final finish is determined by a number of variables including the skill of the plasterer, the weather and speed at which the plaster cured and the mix of the render.

At Perceptions, we’re all about custom building luxurious one and two storey homes to suit your lifestyle. This is why Perceptions now gives you the option of GTEK™ SmartWall finishing system, at no extra cost.

As a precision manufactured plasterboard lining, GTEK™ SmartWall guarantees a perfectly smooth finish every time, with absolutely no joint or cornice cracking. It even comes with a lifetime No Crack Guarantee*.

The Benefits of GTEK™ SmartWall

No Cracking

GTEK™ SmartWall is applied in sheets, eliminating wall or cornice cracking. You’re covered by a lifetime No Crack Guarantee*.

Thermal Insulation

GTEK™ SmartWall’s low thermal conductivity helps insulate external walls. The air pocket created between the brick face and SmartWall further insulates against heat and cold.

Defined Corners

The laser-sharp edges create cleaner, more defined corners than traditional wet plastering.


Superior Finish

It is precision manufactured to provide a straight, regulated and consistently smooth surface finish, providing the ultimate surface to decorate.

Fire Resistant

GTEK™ SmartWall is naturally fire resistant and is classified as
non-combustible. Its aerated core structure acts as an insulator to
reduce the spread of fire.

Improved Acoustics

GTEK™ SmartWall provides a physical barrier to sound. Its core density structure minimises sound reverberation and reduces the echo effect in open plan rooms.

What is a GTEK™ SmartWall made from?

GTEK™ SmartWall is a 10mm plasterboard made from a thick gypsum mix layered between lining board.

Gypsum is an amazing raw material that has been used in construction for centuries because of its fire resistance, thermal insulation and sound absorbing properties.

Eco Friendly & WA made

This innovative product is designed and manufactured in Western Australia, to suit local homes and building construction methods.

It has been certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), which means both GTEK™ SmartWall and its manufacturing process meet strict environmental guidelines. It is made from recyclable raw materials.

* If installed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, AS2589 and SmartWall Installation Guide using the complete GTEK SmartWall System. Cracking caused by external sources, such as building or structural movement is not covered by this guarantee.

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