Project Build vs Custom Build

Outdoor area of Perceptions two storey home with swimming pool

Deciding whether to choose a custom build home design or project build (standard home designs) all depends on your individual needs. Some home builders only work with project builds, whilst others only create one-off home designs. Here at Perceptions we have the knowledge and expertise to handle both custom and project builds.

So that you can make the best decision for yourself and your family, we’ve highlighted some pro’s and con’s for both custom and project builds.


The most common factor for people going with a project build is cost. Projects builds can save you a lot of money. This is usually a deciding factor for first home buyers or young families. The price is set from the beginning and there aren’t usually any surprises that could throw your expected cost out. These homes have been built many times and the process is tried and tested.

Time is another element that often affects the decision to go with a project build. You can often get a house built a lot quicker than if you went with a custom build.

Typically, project builds don’t take into consideration which way your house is facing which affects elements like natural light. Plus, many of these designs won’t take full advantage of odd shaped blocks. If you already have land then a project build might not work for you and what you require.


If you have a block of land that is a funny shape or slopes, a custom build is most likely the way to go. It is rare for a project builder to have floor plans that will work outside the usual shapes and sizes. Custom builds are good in this regard because they are able to be flexible and moulded into essentially whatever you desire. If you have a unique flair for design, style or your family has certain needs then a custom home is for you. The options open right up when going down this path.

Building a custom home means that you won’t know what the final design will look like until it finished. This is a benefit of a project home as they have display homes of the exact plan that you are buying.

Weigh up what is important to you and make your decision based on that. At Perceptions we offer a range of homes from value-for-money to luxury custom. Click here to view our standard range or contact us today to create your dream home.

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