Interior Install Day at The Regent

Perceptions two storey display home The Regent in Bennett Springs living area

At Perceptions, we started off 2019 the right way with the launch of our first of many display homes for the year ‘The Regent’ in Bennett Springs. Boasting a Mid Century Modern theme throughout, we caught up with Heidi and Sarah from Eskay Design to discuss the home design and the interior design inspiration that followed.


Q. Explain the overall interior design concept of ‘Mid Century Modern’ and where the inspiration came from?

A. Mid Century Modern design is pared back and the perfect style to mix into a contemporary home design. There are so many elements from this era that we can use in today’s modern designs that give a home more character and function, which is a huge part of this style and why it works so well in the Regent display.


Q. What is your favourite feature of the home?

A. The kitchen! It makes a real statement and really suits the Mid-Century style while also keeping with the contemporary design of the home.


Q. Who would suit this design?

A. An older couple with teenage kids – it is very sophisticated and at the same time, a very family friendly home with large living spaces for the family to be together in and seperate rooms for both adults and kids to have their own space.


Q. What are some of the key features in the Regent floor plan that stand out?

A. The open living and dining space with the large void over dining – this is stunning. It makes the area feel larger and so bright and inviting


Q. What are some of the key interior design trends we should look forward to in 2019 and was any of those key trends incorporated into The Regent?

A. A key and on-going trend is keeping things simple and minimalist which promotes an organised, health and sustainable lifestyle. This goes with the saying less is more – we have introduced graphic patterned tiles in the wet areas, which are striking and interesting, but the rest of the finishes selected in those areas are quite simple and do not over-crowd the space. As with the kitchen – the mix of a few beautiful finishes make the room feel luxurious yet simple.


Q. What are your key tips for creating seamless indoor/outdoor living in the home and how is this incorporated in this particular home design – what do you need to think of from a design perspective?

A. Natural, organic materials such a stone, timber and greenery are key ways to bring the outdoors in. The large windows in this home, particularly surrounding the large void, bring a lot of natural daylight into the home which adds to the feeling of being outdoors.


Q. Do you have any tips on styling a void in the home and if people are thinking of incorporating this into their home design, the best way to position it? How does it work so well in The Regent home design?

A. You can style a void by using long drop pendants and some large striking art to fit in with the vastness of the space. It is also important to add warmth to a large open space otherwise it can feel too cold and uninviting – including rugs and timber finishes are a great way to achieve this. By including these elements in The Regent, we have created a warm and comforting feeling in a large and open space.


Q. With the open plan living concept a key design layout for all homes, can you offer some advice on how you styled The Regent to make sure it had its own ‘identity’? What do you need to look for when designing an open plan living space?

A. It is important to select furniture and accessories that not only tie in with the style of the home but also fit the spaces as well – so furniture is not too large or too small for a big room. The styling of the Regent pays homage to the Mid-Century modern era but does not make you feel like you have stepped back in time, it is current and contemporary as well.


Q. What are some stand out furniture or material choices throughout the home?

A. The tiles in the wet areas are a real stand out item in the home, they tie in with the style of the house so well and add a bit of interest to the rooms. In the dining rooms, the large round dining table fits perfectly and accentuates the hanging pendants and open void.


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