How To Create A Living Room Focal Point

When you walk into a room the first thing you notice is its focal point. This may be some attractive feature like a nice view from a window, fireplace or artwork. It can also be something less than desirable like an unsightly looking TV or a drab, blank wall. Often the most used room in the house (especially when entertaining guests) having a living room with a strong, appealing focal point is a great way to make a positive statement and will set up the people to view the rest of the house in a positive light.

Making the Most of What You’ve Got

When it comes to design, it’s always best to work with the architecture and features you have rather than fight against them. If you already have a strong, visually appealing element in the room – like a window full of natural light & a good view, a fireplace or strong architectural detail like an exposed brick wall – then there’s no point trying to reinvent the wheel. Make the most of what you’ve got and use other design elements in the room to accentuate it.

Making Something From Nothing

Some rooms won’t have a natural focal point, so in these cases you’ll have to create one yourself. There are lots of different options that can catch the eye – adding a feature wall, covering unsightly windows with boldly printed curtains, utilizing a brightly coloured item of furniture or intelligently positioning ornate shelving or vintage items like a record players. What you should choose depends on both your sense of style and the space you’re working with.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Bold

If you’re working with a room that lacks focus, employing bold colours can be a great way of achieving your desired effect. For example, painting your ceiling a deep red and framing with with dark moulding will certainly draw the eye. However, when highlighting individual elements like this it’s also important to keep other colours and patterns in the room to a minimum so that they don’t compete too much. You don’t want people feeling overwhelmed when they walk in.

Less Is More

As tempting as it can be to “go big”, a well designed room should definitely only ever have one focal point. More than this sets up an unhealthy competition for visual attention and makes the room feel uncomfortable. Just. Don’t. Do. It! Looking for more design and style tips to include into your new house build? Get in touch with us today!

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