Custom Build Process

It’s the finer details of our lives and our beings that make us all unique but at the same time, bring us tremendous comfort and a sense of belonging. The small things that can be so easily overlooked, are sometimes the ones that matter the most. Things that can mean the difference between run-of-the-mill and extraordinarily beautiful. Things that you didn’t know were missing, until you found them. More than functionality, it’s the way things feel. Intuitive. Modest. Effortless. Just like home.

With 36 years of building affordable, luxury homes, the Perceptions team are experts in space, size, style and substance – translating the details that are important to you into beautiful homes that make perfect sense for you and your family.

Our experience in building luxury homes has taught us one very important thing – that no one project, no one client is ever the same – but they are all equally important. We live and breathe the details that deliver immaculate results but also reflect the original vision for every new home.

Whether we start from a blank canvas or you have a file full of inspiration, our Building and Design consultants will sit down with you planning out your dream home. Our consultants pride themselves on being able to bring your vision to life and will be there with you throughout the entire process.

At Perceptions, we aim to build the best looking house on the street, inside and out – your home. From stunning elevations, to functional, stylish and innovative floor plans that are designed with only you in mind to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Our custom build process is completely complimentary, feel free to make as many changes as you feel to ensure that no detail is left. The custom build process goes beyond designing your dream home. During your pre-start phase, you will receive an one on one interior design consultation helping you select your tiles, cabinets and colour schemes.

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