Behind the Scenes of our Latest Two Storey Display Home, The Mead

The Mead brings ‘Sophisticated Scandinavian’ design to the home to create a clean, minimalistic feel, with timber accents and warm lighting while ensuring it retains a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. It’s elegant style is paired with functional design for comfort, luxury and easy of living.

We caught up with Sarah and Heidi from Eskay Design on install day to speak about Perceptions’ latest two storey display home in Perth.


Q. Describe the interior theme of Sophisticated Scandi and why it was chosen for the home?

A. We started with a ‘light Scandi’ feel and design, but then realised the home design called for more sophistication. We needed the interior to be more dramatic – and you can see this in the small darker touches that have been added (the tap ware, window frames). The darker touches were minimal to keep the interior warm and appealing but still made a statement.


Q. What are some of the key features of the kitchen styling?

A. A key point in the styling of the kitchen is we used a darker carcass to create a dark ‘finger rail’ look.



Q. Explain some of the furniture selections in the living area and why they were chosen

A. We selected the furniture based on creating a sleek and homely feel with a mixture of light and Scandinavian textures and tones.


Q. When looking at the master bedroom retreat, can you give some advice on how to lay out the room and select colours and furniture?

A. It is so important to keep maintaining the brief – light, neutral and sophisticated. Always look out for windows and have enough space for seating.


Q. Describe your favourite feature of the home

A. The staircase with wire balustrading and angled timber landing and the large window entry. But now in the middle of install day, the study and void are almost becoming our favourite too!


Q. Who would suit this design?

A. A couple with growing children or with overseas families – this design also has the space for great guest rooms.


Q. Explain the benefits of having the minor bedrooms sectioned off in the home.

A. Kids and guests have their own privacy and space and the rooms are sectioned off from the main living areas, perfect for when you have people over and have this area of the house untouched.


Q. How important has the full height windows throughout The Mead directed some of the interior design styling?

A. We can use slightly darker finishes as we know there will be a lot of beautiful natural light – and you can definitely see this in the study and also in the open plan living area.


Q. The void is a real statement with this home – can you comment on how to incorporate this in a floor plan design and ideas on how it can be used? (in this case, a study)

A. Voids create a new dimension to a space, so used in the right way, they can create such a statement. For this one, in particular, we wanted to make it even bolder by adding in a huge pendant light and dark paint as a backdrop!


The Mead is open Mondays and Wednesdays 2pm – 5pm, Saturdays 1pm – 5pm and Sundays 12pm – 5pm, located at 26 Cedarleaf Entrance, Treeby. View the two storey display home or enquire about the design today.




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