Top 5 Ways to Maximise Space in a Two Storey Home


Top vs. Bottom

Traditionally majority of the entertainment and communal spaces are downstairs and the bedrooms are upstairs. However, there are a lot of people taking advantage of the blissful views an upstairs entertainment area has to offer. So before you finalise your home design, consider what views are available and where you spend most your time.

See example of an upstairs living home here.

Window Placement

Window placement on a second storey can sometimes be overlooked. Take advantage of the location with the best view by including floor to ceiling windows. 

You should also avoid putting windows if they look straight onto unappealing view, for instance your neighbour’s wall. Instead, consider putting artwork or a mirror there instead. There are also certain rules and regulations that restrict home builders from building a window that provides sight into a neighbour’s window. Keep this in mind. 


A staircase will take up a fair amount of room in your two storey home. However, you can take advantage of the area underneath staircases for extra storage, a wine cellar or even a quiet reading nook. 

The Void

Deliberately creating a void space in your home can offer magical visuals of light and space, however it does mean giving up floor space on your second storey. So if you want to create the illusion of high ceilings or create a dramatic space using feature lighting and have more unoccupied open space than you need, this is the perfect choice for your two storey home.  

Two Storey Balcony

A two storey balcony can be a great feature, giving you additional space and a sensational aesthetic. If you love outdoor entertaining, then a two storey deck can offer you more options for those summer parties.
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