The Hero Piece


When designing your home consider incorporating a hero piece in each room. Not only will it be the feature of the space, it’s the perfect excuse to splurge on a special piece of furniture or artwork you’ve been dreaming of.
But what item do you purchase? We’ve complied some ideas to get you started on choosing your hero piece.

Sofa/Occasional Chair

This allows you to go wild with colours, patterns and shapes that will command the attention of the room. Plus, it will stand the test of time if you choose the right design that can easily be re-upholstered.


A piece of art has always been seen as a good investment and when choosing it to be a hero piece, the larger the better. Choose a style that you will enjoy for many years to come and it may just become something you pass down from generation to generation.


To give a space a sense of tactility, wallpaper can become the backdrop for a vibrant room. To make a statement, choose a unique pattern or an arrangement with texture. For something different, try a floor to ceiling mural.  It can also be easily replaced if you change your mind.

Room DesignBefore you choose your hero piece, consider carefully where it will be positioned. Pick a place where it will really pop (which is usually not against a bare wall).
A hero piece doesn’t have to be just one of the above. You could experiment with lights, ornaments and rugs to be the showstopper. Play around with scale in the room and you might be surprised.
Can’t commit to having a hero piece in every room? The living room is most commonly chosen to feature hero pieces but if your hallway is big enough, why not feature the hero piece front and centre.
Just remember: Be bold, be brave, be big.

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