How to Balance Your Living Room

How to Balance Your Living Room


Balancing your living room isn’t always as easy as it sounds. No matter your aesthetic whether it be contemporary, urban, federation or anything in between there is an achievable way to do it. The answer is to create a focal point.

Keep reading to discover what a focal point is and how to create one in your living room.

What is a Focal Point?

A focal point is where people's eyes first land when they enter your living room. Focal points can sometimes be dictated by the design of your living space. For example, a fireplace or big window is going to immediately draw the eye.

How Can I Create a Focal Point?

Easy! If the architecture or design of your living space doesn’t create a focal point, you can create your own by using furniture, art or even electronics.

Any of these will create the perfect focal point for your living room if you follow these rules:

  • The focal point should face the entry way or whichever is the most common entry point for your living space.
  • Don’t create a boxed in feeling with your furniture. If you’re using a couch and armchairs as your focal point be sure to not have the back of our couch or armchairs facing the entryway.
  • Keep the walkway of the room clear to create a natural path for your eyes to follow. For example, if you’re using a couch as your focal point don’t block the walkway to the couch with a coffee table, lots of lamps and knick knacks. Less is more, so stick to what you would need (in this case the coffee table) and cut the rest back.

Hopefully these tips help you, if you need some more information or any designs tips get in touch with us or visit one of our display homes.

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