Choosing a Kitchen Design


The design and functionality of a kitchen is crucial in every home. Often known as the heart of the house, kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, but there are three popular layouts that continue to appear in homes across Perth.
Let’s explore them together.

U shape

Great for efficiency, the U-shaped kitchen creates an easy workflow that many cooks enjoy. With easy access to almost all facets of the kitchen, little walking is required to reach each space. A U-shaped kitchen can be designed to be a part of or separate from the other areas of the house such as the dining and living spaces.
You could choose to have three solid walls, a servery window or a glass splashback depending on your style and needs.Perth Kitchen Design

L shape

For even more flexibility, the L-shaped kitchen works well in both smaller and larger homes.
Usually combined with an island bench, many families enjoy the ease of meal preparation and the close proximity to the eating space. If you love to entertain, this layout could be just the style you need.


Great for small spaces, the corridor kitchen style is as it sounds. Designed in a rectangular space with appliances and cabinetry on either side, this kitchen allows traffic to flow straight through the middle. It is popular with smaller homes and apartments, which maximises the use of a small area.

Kitchen Design PerthFunctionality is the key decision when designing your kitchen. If you’re not sure where to start, think about how you use your current kitchen and whether that style works for you. Keep in mind the location of the trio: oven, sink and fridge. When positioned at one of these key areas, you should have easy access to the other two. Want to create a custom kitchen in your new home?

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