Building a Single Vs Double Storey Home


Choosing whether to build a single or double storey house can be a difficult decision. Make sure you consider factors such as street view, the local real estate market, location and land size. A great way to decide is with a pros and cons list. You can also ask your friends and family. Here, we have collated all the factors you need to consider so you don’t have to!

Singles Storey Homes
  • Cheaper building costs
As the structure is more common, the costs for a single story house is usually cheaper than a double storey. Depending on the floorplan you choose, you may require more land so this could be more expensive.
  • No stairs
Stairs actually create a lot of dead space within your home. Without the need for stairs, you have increased space to work with.
  • Ease of use for all
Depending on who you currently/will soon live with, this could be a main deciding factor. If you are planning to have kids the one storey is the common choice. Alternatively, if this is the house you want to grow old in think about what needs you will have and how to make the house suitable for this next phase in your life. Unless you are willing to put in a lift, you’ll want everything on the one storey.
  • Ability for increased open plan style
Open plan living creates this beautiful ambience to a home. Do you prefer to entertain or are you a nook and cranny type of person? If you are continually having people over then a large entertainment area might be just what you need and a single storey home could give you this.

Double Storey Homes
  • Taking advantage of heights leaves more room for yard space.
Do you have a small lot but still want a garden? You don’t have to compromise. Choosing the right two-storey home for your land can leave amicable yard space without having to give up that study space that you have always wanted.
  • Cheaper land
If you do by a smaller block, building two storeys can be a great solution. Consider what location you want to live in because if you are after city living, you’re most likely not going to be able to find a large blog of land for sale without paying through the roof. The money you save on land price can be put towards the cost of building a two storey.
  • Impressive street appearance
Everyone may have different tastes but you can’t deny there is something impressive about the street view when walking past a two storey house.
  • Take advantage of views
If your land is anywhere near a park or lake it is likely that you’ll get some pretty delightful views if you put in a second storey. This can also add value to your property come sale time. Just make sure that you aren’t looking over something like an unattractive car park.

The most significant thing to consider is your land size. This will be the main impact on whether a two storey or single storey will work for you. Despite what style of house you wind up building, keep calm and enjoy the journey – it should be a fun time!

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