6 Garden Design Ideas

6 Garden Design Ideas


1. Hydrangeas

Not only do they look amazing but they have a delicate and aromatic fragrance which will have your garden smelling great!
These fresh, large blooms are easy to grow and maintain, just make sure you choose the right ones for the conditions of your garden.

2. Use Sustainable Plants

Choosing sustainable plants is not as hard as it sounds. If you want to contribute to our beautiful planet then aim to sow nectar rich plants to attract pollinators such as bees, wasps, hoverflies, butterflies and flower beetles. The best way to know which plants are nectar-rich is to walk around nature reserves and parks and take note of plants that are getting a lot of attention from those insects we have talked about. Once you know what grows well around your suburb, plant them in your garden!

3. Climbing plants and lattice structures

Building a lattice for your garden can add a level of height and cover up unsightly fences. As vertical gardens become more popular, this becomes a cost effective way to add a bit of privacy and make your outdoor area pop.

4. Illuminate

As with most areas of the house, lighting is everything! Make your walkways stand out with garden lights that follow a path. If your plants look beautiful by day, they will definitely stand out at night with solar powered lamp designs that can add soft ambience to any outdoor entertaining space. 

5. Roofs as Gardens

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box. Remember that the right plants can grow anywhere. This also includes your roof! We have seen people doing amazing things such as building roof gardens. This can also add insulation and splendour to your home.

6. Planters are Everything

Don’t have enough space for a garden? Want a more modern look to your home. Planters are your way to achieving and clean and aesthetically pleasing look. Adding structure and elegance to your garden, the right planters can make your outdoor entertaining area look and feel incredible. Fill them with plants such as olive trees or soft or vines for a luxury feel to your home.

So if your ready to take action and turn your garden ideas into reality our unique bespoke homes will give you that creative freedom you have been looking for. Check out our range of home designs and make sure your outdoor entertaining area sees you through every season.
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